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We have a experienced team who can find the right car transport services you need. We provide a wide range of auto transport from state to state, be it the open transport or enclosed one, our team can ship your car to another state for a budget as low as 66¢ per mile.

Open Transport

Among our range of car shipping options, this particular choice consistently garners the highest favor among our valued customers. The driving force behind this preference is the notably budget-friendly price per mile. The concept is simple yet effective: open transport trailers boast a considerable capacity, allowing them to accommodate multiple vehicles in a single journey. As a result, the cost per vehicle decreases significantly, making it an economically sound option.

Enclosed Transport

This alternative is predominantly favored by proprietors of classic and high-end automobiles. The category extends to encompass sports cars and newly-painted vehicles, both of which find safe passage within enclosed trailers. Among those who commonly utter the directive ‘Transport my vehicle using an enclosed trailer’ are vintage car aficionados. In this specialized mode of vehicle conveyance, shipping companies employ containers, more commonly referred to as enclosed trailers, to facilitate state-to-state transport. Opting for car transportation within these enclosed confines ensures optimal safeguarding against inclement weather, dust, or dirt.

Motor Bike Transport

Beyond automobiles, your cherished motorcycles can also be transported across state lines. Motorbikes have the option of being conveyed in either open or enclosed trailers. Every licensed vehicle transport company possesses specialized expertise in motorcycle transportation. These trailers are skillfully outfitted with clamps designed to firmly secure the vehicle in place, ensuring its safety throughout the journey.

atv transport

ATVs, or All-Terrain Vehicles, like quads, are nimble off-road vehicles tailored for rugged terrains. Typically featuring 4-6 large wheels and elevated seats, these vehicles excel on uneven surfaces. ATVs can operate on either gas or electricity, with gas models often exhibiting swifter speeds that warrant meticulous care during transport via vehicle transportation services. Auto transport companies adapt their trailers with specialized clamps to securely hold the ATVs, mitigating any potential damage during transit.

Whether you’re a business owner dealing in boats or a boat collector, Payless Auto Shipping takes care of your boat transportation worries. We’re the top-tier provider of auto transportation services nationwide, and boats are no exception. With our deep understanding of boat shipping’s unique demands, customers consistently choose us for this specialized service. Our seasoned haulers, well-versed in boat transport intricacies, ensure the utmost care and expertise throughout the process.

heavy equipment

Among the many auto vehicle transport companies offering car shipping, only a select few recognize that heavy equipment demands unique trucks and trailers for seamless interstate transport. Additional documentation and permits are also essential in such cases. Payless Auto Shipping goes the extra mile to simplify this process, making heavy equipment transport viable. Our auto transport services are trusted by numerous manufacturers and industries to move a diverse range of heavy equipment, including agricultural machinery, tractors, hydraulic forklifts, cranes, bulldozers, industrial tools, engines, and construction equipment, just to name a few


Ensuring the safe transport of sizable luxury yachts demands an expert touch. Beyond conventional car transport, our drivers undergo specialized training and possess the necessary tools and expertise for this unique task. Due to the considerable value and delicacy of such assets, they require special attention and handling. This specialized service has been our forte for numerous years. Collaborating seamlessly, all boat transport companies strive to guarantee efficient and secure deliveries to intended destinations, all while maintaining cost-effectiveness.

pickup transport

Transporting pickups presents several options, encompassing open trailer transport, closed trailer transport, and Driveaway services. While moving pickups or large trucks might appear daunting, the process doesn’t need to be intricate. Whether you opt for a nationwide auto transport company or a car mover, enclosed trailer options for pickups remain somewhat constrained. Unlike more compact vehicles that are easier to manage, moving pickups can introduce some complexities. At Payless Auto Shipping, we bring our extensive experience to bear, ensuring smooth interstate vehicle transport while considering all viable options.

Auto transport companies encounter distinct hurdles attributed to the diverse forms and dimensions of various RV vehicles. Given their recreational nature, these vehicles display an array of sizes and shapes. To cater effectively to our RV transport clients, we boast a team of seasoned haulers equipped with state-of-the-art transport trailers. These trailers are exclusively crafted to house RVs, ensuring the utmost safety throughout the journey. If you’re considering RV transport, our specialized service guarantees secure interstate transportation from state to state.

An SUV, or Sport Utility Vehicle, differs significantly from a regular sedan in terms of characteristics such as weight, height, and space. Unlike standard sedans, SUVs often come in various sizes, ranging from 2-seaters to 12 or more seats. This diversity in shapes and dimensions makes estimating transportation difficult. Due to these complexities, transporting an SUV demands greater expertise and cost compared to a typical sedan. Payless Auto Shipping, a leading auto transport company, offers affordable and optimal options like Open or Closed Trailers and Flatbed Trailers for interstate SUV transportation.

Transporting a travel trailer requires careful consideration due to its size and weight. Whether you opt for overland transport or long-distance towing, ensuring proper hitching and securement is essential. Travel trailers come in various sizes, from compact units to larger models with multiple rooms and amenities. Proper route planning and awareness of height restrictions are crucial to avoid obstacles during transit. Additionally, selecting a reliable transport service with experience in handling travel trailers ensures a smooth and worry-free journey to your desired destination.

Transporting a van demands attention to its dimensions and purpose. Vans vary widely, from compact models to extended wheelbase versions designed for cargo or passengers. Selecting the right transport method, such as flatbed hauling or enclosed trailer, is crucial to safeguard the van from road elements. Adequate loading and securement are paramount to prevent shifting during transit. Whether it’s a commercial delivery van or a camper van, entrusting its transport to professionals ensures a timely and safe journey to the designated location.

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