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At, we understand that sending a car to Hawaii can seem like a big task, and it’s normal to worry about how much it will cost. That’s why we have a team of experts who specialize in shipping vehicles to Hawaii, and they’re here to assist you.

We’ll work closely with you to find ways to save money. For example, we can arrange for you to meet our drivers in a major city near your location. If it’s more convenient, we also offer affordable premium delivery right to your doorstep for places that are easy to reach.

Our main goal is to make the entire shipping process easy and affordable for you. So, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. We’re more than happy to tell you how much it’ll cost to send your car to Hawaii. Our friendly and knowledgeable team is ready to answer all your questions and provide you with a price quote. You can trust us to handle your car shipping needs with care and expertise.


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Shipping a car to Hawaii might initially appear like a complex task, but it can be straightforward with the right approach. The first step involves locating a reputable car shipping company that specializes in Hawaii transport. You can accomplish this through online research or by seeking recommendations from your social circle. Once you’ve selected a company, you’ll need to furnish them with your vehicle’s make, model, year, your contact details, and the vehicle’s current location.

The company will then provide you with a comprehensive quote, encompassing transportation expenses and any potential additional fees like fuel surcharges or port charges. Upon accepting the quote and completing the required payments, the company will arrange for your vehicle’s pickup and manage all aspects of its journey to Hawaii.

To ensure a smooth process, it’s essential to maintain organized paperwork and have your car prepared for inspection before shipping it to Hawaii.

We appreciate your inquiry! Regarding the shipment of cars to Hawaii, we regret to inform you that Federal and Maritime regulations strictly prohibit the inclusion of personal items inside the vehicle.

Every vehicle undergoes a meticulous inspection to guarantee it is devoid of any personal belongings. You are only permitted to keep the spare tire, the jack, and one first aid kit inside the vehicle – nothing more. The presence of personal items in the car can result in shipment delays and could pose challenges for retrieval at a later time. Therefore, it’s crucial to exercise caution and ensure that your car is entirely empty and devoid of any possessions.

The duration of transit for shipments to and from Hawaii is influenced by various variables. It’s crucial to engage in a conversation with one of our Hawaii vehicle transport experts to receive an accurate estimation of transit times.

If you are on the mainland, the timing hinges on when your car is prepared for pickup and the duration it takes to reach the nearest port. We strongly encourage you to reach out and converse with one of our seasoned Hawaii car transport customer service representatives to acquire an approximate shipping and arrival date.

Transporting a car from Hawaii to the mainland or between islands is more convenient and cost-effective than one might assume. The most budget-friendly option is for those who can personally drive their vehicles to the west coast ports. For instance, shipping a car from California to Hawaii or vice versa operates on a port-to-port basis. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to bear in mind that additional expenses may arise, especially if you reside far from the port.

Engaging in a discussion with an agent is the wisest course of action to ensure you aren’t inadvertently incurring higher costs by bypassing the land transportation component. Many clients tend to underestimate the expenses associated with driving and often end up paying more, despite the lower service cost.

When land transport is incorporated into the overall price, it might initially appear more expensive. However, this approach accounts for potential hidden costs that could arise during the car shipping process. Speaking with an agent is essential because each situation varies, and costs are contingent on factors like location and distance. Don’t hesitate to call today to obtain the most economical quote for shipping your car to Hawaii.

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